Robin Roberts Tries to Hide Bandage on TV

To viewers at home it may have looked like Robin Roberts was making a fashion statement wearing a one-sleeve dress, but it was worn to cover a bandage on her arm as she begins initial treatments for M.D.S. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It may have looked like Robin Roberts was making a fashion statement on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning, but it was the contrary.  

Her one-sleeved dress covered a bandage on her left arm. It's the first phase of her treatment for a rare blood disorder through a "PICC line," or "Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter," a tube that goes through her arm into a vein near her heart.
During her emotional announcement on Monday, Roberts warned viewers that they might notice the bandage.

On Wednesday, she was careful to keep her stylish sleeve in place throughout the show.

"Challenging to conceal bandaged arm!" Roberts tweeted.

Right after the show, one of her Twitter followers pointed out that the bandages were available in different colors. Roberts said she was going online to buy them to match her outfits.  

Actress Christina Applegate is showing her support for her pal Robin Roberts. Both Applegate and Roberts are breast cancer survivors. INSIDE EDITION caught up with Applegate at the Women in Film's annual Crystal and Lucy Awards in Los Angeles.

Applegate told INSIDE EDITION, "I feel like I have gone on this journey with Robin. She was the first person I talked to after I had surgery. Three weeks after I had surgery, she and I sat down and have had like a sisterhood ever since. So it is really difficult to hear that. But, she is going to be okay."

Roberts' blood disorder, which will require her to have a bone marrow transplant, was caused by the aggressive chemotherapy treatment she underwent for breast cancer.

Oscar® nominee Viola Davis said she applauds Roberts for having the courage to share her medical ordeal with the nation.

Davis said, "I think it is wonderful when you go public. What I think it says is, 'Support me, help me,' and that is always great when you are going through any trial or tribulation."