Researchers at M.I.T. Create "Aging Suit"

INSIDE EDITION tries on the aging suit, a device that simulates being an elderly person.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent became an old man in a matter of seconds. He recently tested out an "Aging Suit," a combination of braces, bungee cords, and goggles that limit your every movement and dull the senses.

Stiff neck, knee, and wrist braces make it difficult to bend.

"Bungee cords, connected from my shoes to my waist, make it harder to walk," said Trent.

The most difficult part is "a helmet that compresses my spine, giving me an awkward stoop," Trent said as he stepped into the contraption, "it feels awful."

In the aging suit, Trent went from "a healthy 50-year-old to a severely impaired 80-year-old."

He revealed that he "usually bounds up stairs two steps at a time, but that's just not possible in the aging suit, every step is a challenge. Aging 30 years in a matter of seconds is really exhausting," said Trent.

"If we don't exercise, if we don't eat well, if we don't treat ourselves well today, tomorrow, old age could be difficult," said Joseph Coughlin, director of the M.I.T. AgeLab.