Fans Support Tiger Woods at the Masters

The fans were cheering Tiger Woods on as he made his return to professional golf at the Masters Tournament on April 6th. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The fans are behind Tiger Woods as he returns to golf at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. The golfer seemed relaxed and upbeat, and even took a moment to check his phone for messages and also used it to snap a photo.

Meanwhile Woods's former mistress Joslyn James is heading south to Georgia where she has a new a strip joint!

"I will be performing at the Pink Pony in Atlanta during the week of the Masters."

The strip club is just two hours away from where the Masters Tournament is taking place in Augusta, Georgia. The club's website has already started promoting her appearance.

James was the target of the ladies of The View, as were the mistresses who appear in the new issue of Vanity Fair.

"It sickened me to see that mistresses could get on a magazine and be featured and that you could have an x-rated actress and a pole dancer saying, 'Tiger Woods you owe me an apology.' It disgusts me!" said Sherri Shepherd.

And talk show host Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on Tiger's April 5th press conference, saying, "These golf reporters don't know what to ask...I would ask two questions...'Number one, can I have Elin's phone number?' "