INSIDE EDITION is on the Trail of Olivia Newton-John's Missing Ex-Boyfriend

Olivia Newton-John's former boyfriend, who was believed drowned in 2005, may have been spotted in Mexico. An INSIDE EDITION producer traveled to Sayulita, Mexico, to find out if anyone has seen him.

INSIDE EDITION is on the trail of a missing man, Olivia Newton-John's former boyfriend.

The mystery of Patrick McDermott's disappearance has brought an INSIDE EDITION producer to a quiet resort town in Mexico.

McDermott was originally feared drowned on a fishing trip five years ago, but now there's growing speculation that he is alive and well and living in Mexico.

Newton-John herself spoke of the possibility four years ago. "We would be thrilled if it was true," she said.

McDermott has reportedly been living in Sayulita, near Puerto Vallarta. He's said to be calling himself "Pat Kim." Kim is McDermott's middle name.

One businessman recognized the photo INSIDE EDITION's producer showed him, and says he's seen McDermott around town: "I just recognized him once I saw the pictures, immediately," he said.

And charter boat skipper Darren Rath has seen McDermott too. "He's been on this boat, more than once I believe," Rath told INSIDE EDITION.

Rath also said that he believes he's taken McDermott on several fishing trips.

McDermott was apparently so taken with life aboard the luxurious 50-foot vessel he actually tried to get hired as a member of the crew.

"I need to have a Mexican crew so of course I told him that I didn't have a job for him," explained Rath.

But where is McDermott now? The search continues.

Olivia Newton-John moved on, and married John Easterling in 2008.