Rodney King's Fiancée's 911 Call Released

INSIDE EDITION talks to a close friend of Rodney King, who has questions of his own surrounding the sudden death of King.

It's the frantic, just-released 911 call as Rodney King's fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, finds him unconscious at the bottom of their backyard swimming pool.  

Kelley: "Rodney King. Please, it's Rodney King. Please! Oh my god! Rodney King, the guy that got beat by the police."

911 Operator: "Ok, how old is he?"

Kelley: "He's 47-years old. He's not moving. He's at the bottom of the swimming pool."

Kelley can be heard crying throughout the 911 call she made at 5:30 Sunday morning in Rialto, California.  

Kelley: "I was sleeping, all of a sudden I heard something fall, like the table, and then I looked over and then I went to find him and he's at the bottom of the swimming pool. He's still there. Please hurry up!"

911 Operator: "Are you able to go in the pool and get him?"

Kelley: "No, I can't swim. Understand he's at the bottom. I'm going to open the door. Oh, my god—Help please!"

Cops pulled King from the pool just minutes later, but couldn't revive him. His death is being treated as an accidental drowning.

King, of course, gained worldwide notoriety when he was videotaped being beaten by Los Angeles cops in 1991. Riots later tore the city apart after the cops were acquitted.

King and Kelley announced their engagement in 2010, and believe it or not, they met when she was serving as a juror at the civil trial where he was awarded $3.8 million dollars for the beating.

Now, one of King's friends is coming forward, telling INSIDE EDITION that King wanted to break the engagement.

Damon Feldman, a boxing promoter from Philadelphia who was close friends with King, told INSIDE EDITION, "Rodney told me about three weeks ago that he was interested in leaving, parting ways and going a different direction from Cynthia."

"I was really concerned Rodney may have a tough situation leaving her because she wasn't going to let go," said Feldman.

And even though police are calling it an accident and say there was no foul play, Feldman says he has questions about the way King died.

"There's more to this story. There's no way Rodney King just died in a pool," said Feldman.