Alec Baldwin Emerges Under Protection of Bedspread

After lashing out at a photographer, Alec Baldwin made his way to an appearance by covering his entire head and body in a bedspread. INSIDE EDITION has details on the actor's latest bizarre behavior.

It wasn't a ghost hiding under that  bedspread. It was Alec Baldwin, just after shoving a photographer.  The actor found an unusual way to hide his identity from photographers as he made his way to a New York City hotel.

Baldwin's bizarre get-up comes as he gave his first TV interview about accusations that he assaulted a New York Daily News photographer.

Speaking to Charlie Rose on his evening program, Baldwin said, "People think I'm just out there decking photographers willy nilly. Nothing could be further from the truth."

The photo was taken as he and fiancée Hilaria Thomas were leaving the marriage license bureau in Manhattan. The 54-year-old is set to wed his 28-year-old yoga instructor fiancée in two weeks.     

"If I'm slugging a photographer in front of the court house, I mean I'm dumb, but I'm not that dumb. There must be ten cops right there on the block," said Baldwin.

The actor sat down with Charlie Rose, alongside co-stars from the new Woody Allen movie To Rome With Love and he didn't, well, pull any punches.

"These illegitimate people, were it [up] to me, these people would all be deported to some island," remarked Baldwin.
The photographer, Marcus Santos, says it was Baldwin who went on the attack.  

Santos said, "Alec Baldwin turned around, come after me and started to punch me and push me. I say 'Stop, stop! Don't touch me.' "

Baldwin said, "He almost hit me in the teeth with the lens of the camera, so I just pushed the guy away."

On Charlie Rose, Baldwin joked that when he got home from the run-in with the photographer, his doorman already knew all about it.

Last night, Baldwin appeared at an American Heart Association event where we caught up with Larry King.

King said, "He's always had a problem with photographers. And someone told me that they got a little close to him, that a camera banged into him. If that's true, he had every right to push the camera away."

Our cameras caught the actor today returning to his apartment burrowing through a crush of photographers after a two hour bike ride, and he ran over our producer's foot.