Alec Baldwin's Late Show Appearance

Alec Baldwin defends his actions over the incident with a photographer this week, and went so far as to drop his pants on Late Show with David Letterman to show he has nothing to hide. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Alec Baldwin didn't leave much to the imagination when he dropped his pants on The Late Show with David Letterman—anything to deflect attention from his recent altercation with a news photographer.

Baldwin told Letterman, "I think you can see I'm forming the letter "F" with my mouth, and what I'm saying is 'what "F" stop are you on with the camera?'"

Baldwin denied he threw a punch at the New York Daily News photographer. 

"Had I punched him, I'd be in jail. Then I would have pressed charges on him for asault, and then we'd be in jail together. You don't want to know what would have happened in that jail cell," said Baldwin.

The photographer, Marcus Santos, went on Good Morning America to say it was Baldwin who went on the attack.  
"I'm so embarrassed about what he did to me," said Santos, rubbing his chin where he said Baldwin slugged him.

"I'm a news person. I record the news. I go there and take my pictures and I go home. I don't want to be a part of the news," Santos told Good Morning America.

In a statement, the New York Press Club called Baldwin's behavior "deplorable," adding that "his arrogance should not be tolerated."

Because of the incident, the actor is now being followed by photographers all over New York City. They even caught him meeting up with former president Bill Clinton on the street.

At his side on his way to breakfast was his daughter, 17-year-old Ireland, who looked as pretty as her mom, actress Kim Basinger. Baldwin was peppered with questions about his tweet that said: "all paparazzi should be water boarded."

He kept his cool, but he soon had enough. He turned on the wrath of Baldwin, asking the paparazzi, "What's the job that you wanted to do but weren't good enough at, that made you wind up having to do this one?"