Did Jennifer Lopez-Produced Reality Show Stage a Fight?

A reality show produced by Jennifer Lopez is under fire for reportedly staging a fight between two people that was supposed to be the real thing. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A fight erupted on a busy street between a tow truck operator and an angry motorist who seemed furious his car was about to be towed.  

It was a scene being shot for an episode of South Beach Tow, the hit reality show which airs on Tru TV and produced by none other than Jennifer Lopez.

But a second look at that scene that was caught on tape indicated it was all fake!

A member of J.Lo's production team was seen applying a grey wig to the supposedly "angry" motorist. The tow truck operator and his "adversary" were waiting patiently until the camera crew was ready to shoot.

A passer by even commented about the obvious fakery:

"Totally contrived," said the spectator.

The director could actually be heard counting down to shoot the scene.

"Three, two, one," said the director as the tow truck operator and the motorist began fighting.

When the fight was over, the tow truck operator got a friendly pat on the back by the motorist for a job well-done.
The video, obtained by radaronline.com was shot on busy Collins Avenue in Miami two weeks ago.

Radaronline.com Executive Editor David Perel told INSIDE EDITION, "In terms of J.Lo, people will be disappointed that her reality show is less reality and more show."  

J.Lo's South Beach Tow is a big hit for Tru TV. It features violent confrontations between members of the public and rival towing companies.

Tru TV said in a statement: "South Beach Tow features real people and is based on real situations. Due to production needs, some scenes are re-enacted."

No comment from Jennifer Lopez.