Jailhouse Letters From Casey Anthony May Implicate Her

Just-released court documents allege that the contents of letters Casey Anthony wrote to a prison pen pal may be damaging to her case. If Anthony is convicted of first degree murder for the death of daughter Caylee, she could face the death penalty. IN

It's a bombshell admission from Casey Anthony: Cops say she told another inmate that she used chloroform to "knock out" her daughter Caylee so she could go out and party.  

The shocking allegation in just-released court documents claims Casey told an inmate that her daughter Caylee had "trouble sleeping. She had to use chloroform to put her to sleep."

"Casey implied her mother Cindy Anthony may have brought the chloroform home when she worked at a local clinic," said the report.

The revelation could be damaging to the 24-year-old, who is facing a first degree murder charge. Police say they found traces of the sedative chloroform in Casey's car trunk and in a syringe discovered near Caylee's remains.  

Prosecutors have also released more than 250 pages of handwritten notes that Casey passed to her prison pal, who was serving time in another cell.  

Casey was not supposed to be communicating with any inmates while behind bars at the Orange County jail, but somehow she became friends with one inmate while a corrections officer turned a blind eye. Casey and the other inmate began passing notes, which are now coming back to haunt her.

Casey addressed her prison pen pal as "Cookie" and she signed them "Muffin."

She writes about having a "school girl crush" on one of her lawyers: "I'm a loser! I feel like a major one for crushing on one of my attorneys. I blame it on lack of contact with attractive males and intelligent, attractive males."

In another letter she talks about changing her hair color asking, "So, should I go red or blonde?"  

Casey also opens up about a rift with her parents. The tension was visible when her parents sat right behind their daughter in court on April 6th without exchanging a single word.  

Casey claims she was "a great mom" to little Caylee and muses about life if she ever gets out of jail: "It's official....I need a vacation!  I was thinking Costa Rica...want to come with? Unfortunately we have to wait until we are released. Someday!"

A judge has set the trial date for Casey Anthony: May 2nd, 2011. She faces the death penalty if convicted.