Just Released 911 Call From John Bryson's Hit-and-Run Accident

More details are emerging in the hit-and-run accident of former Commerce Secretary John Bryson, who hit multiple cars, but wasn't charged criminally. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's the just-released 911 call of that bizarre hit-and-run accident involving President Obama's then Commerce Secretary John Bryson.

Caller: We have a drunk driver that just hit us and fled!

The caller then went on to say to the 911 operator:

Caller: He hit us twice. We're actually pursuing him right now. We were at the railroad tracks, waiting. There was a train crossing and he hit us from behind.

The two brothers who called 911 are now speaking out to INSIDE EDITION in their first national interview.

Rich and Ray Sanchez told INSIDE EDITION that they were stopped at a railroad crossing near Los Angeles on June 9th around 5:00 pm.

"We were sitting at the railroad crossing waiting for the train to pass by when—bam! We got hit," said Rich.

Ray Sanchez took a cell phone picture of Commerce Secretary Bryson moments after the rear-end collision.

"Did he seem strange?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"He seemed very confused, very out of it—very glassy-eyed," said Rich.

They said they had no idea Bryson was a member of President Obama's cabinet until they saw him on TV the next day.  

But they were shocked when Bryson suddenly got back into his Lexus and hit their car again as he drove off. Rich began chasing him, while Ray dialed 911.

They watched in horror as Bryson rammed into yet another car just a short distance down the road.

Caller: Oh my god! I hope he doesn't get on the freeway! He just hit another car, ma'am.

911 Operator: Another one?

Caller: Yes!

The 68-year-old Bryson was found unconscious in the driver's seat of his car when cops arrived.

"I know the police officer knew who he was," said Ray.

The just-released police report lists his occupation as "U.S. Secretary of Commerce," and says when asked if he had any medical problems he "slowly tilted his head forward, slowly opened his eyes and replied, 'No.'"

Tests showed Bryson was not drinking but a low amount of the sleeping aide Ambien was found in his system. Prosecutors dropped hit and run charges, saying he had suffered a medical seizure. He resigned as Commerce Secretary three weeks ago.

The brothers say they're now speaking out because they believe anybody else would be facing criminal charges.

"Do you feel the Commerce Secretary was given preferential treatment?" asked Moret.

"I think so. If it had been anybody else it probably would have been handled much differently," replied Rich.