Suri Cruise's Tantrum

When newly single mom Katie Holmes said "no" to Suri getting a brand new puppy, the 6-year-old threw a temper tantrum. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.  

It's the puppy so cute that Suri Cruise threw a fit because she couldn't take him home. As soon as mom Katie Holmes told Suri no way, the 6-year-old burst into tears.

"Tantrum!" said the New York Daily News.

And who could blame her? The fluffy black and white little ball of adorableness is an 8-week-old Morkie—that's a Maltese crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier. And he costs $1,700.

We are told that Holmes and Suri came into the shop at least 3 times over the weekend. Maybe they were seriously looking into getting a dog, but in the end, that was not to be. Suri was quite upset.

Meanwhile, it looks like Suri won't be following in her dad's Scientology footsteps. We've just learned that Holmes has enrolled Suri in Convent of the Sacred Heart, a highly regarded Catholic school in Manhattan.

The school comes with a hefty tuition—$38,000-a-year! And that's just for the first grade. Sacred Heart has lots of other famous grads, including Lady Gaga and Caroline Kennedy. And can you believe Paris Hilton went there?

So far, Suri's big reunion with her dad, Tom Cruise, hasn't happened. But he is reportedly speaking with his daughter via videophone from California.

And Holmes is being applauded as a heroine for escaping what some have described as an unhappy marriage with a controlling husband.

Holmes is showing the world, despite her devotion to Suri, she knows how to say no to her daughter—even when weathering a 6-year-old's tantrums.