Alleged Colorado Gunman Built Arsenal of Weapons and Explosives

From the full body armor he was wearing to the intricately booby-trapped apartment he rigged, INSIDE EDITION looks at the giant arsenal assembled by alleged movie gunman James Holmes.

When accused madman James Holmes went on his rampage at The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado, he was dressed head-to-toe in black body armor, just like police SWAT teams wore when they responded to the massacre. 

The body armor lay on the ground next to his car after the shootings, including the gas mask he had on. Cops believe he was trying to blend in with SWAT teams to escape in the confusion.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd paid a visit to Blue Line Tactical and Police Supply in Elmsford, New York, where security expert Steve Kardian showed him the same kind of gear that Holmes was wearing.

Kardian said, "This is what someone who was ready to go to battle would be wearing. He was wearing black tactical boots to repel bullets. He was also wearing black tactical kevlar gloves, and a kevlar helmet to repel incoming bullets as well as a gas mask to deal with any tear gas or smoke."

It turns out the gear that James Holmes wore the night of the massacre also gave him away.

Kardian said, "There are two distinct differences that the responding officers saw. One was the kevlar neck protector. The other was the kevlar groin protector—neither of which, the Aurora, Colorado police department wears. The officers recognized that and they knew he wasn't one of theirs."

We're also learning disturbing new details about the booby traps Holmes set up in his apartment in Aurora, Colorado.

Former NYPD bomb squad Detective Kevin Barry showed us how Holmes turned his apartment into a bomb factory.

The apartment door had a waist-high trip wire attached to two canisters of explosive chemicals.

"A thin wire like this could have set off a massive explosion," said Barry. "As they entered, the trip wire would have caused a mixture of chemicals inside the apartment, unknown to the victim, and as they entered, it would start a fire." 

The fire, if ignited, would have set off 30 home made grenades Holmes had left on the floor. Barry said the explosion in the booby-trapped apartment could have levelled the entire building.

"It would have caused a horrific blaze inside, plus explosions, windows blowing out and walls caving in," said Barry.

Cops removed the bombs from Holmes' apartment and detonated them in an open field.