Is the Batman Movie Killer Faking It?

Everyone is asking if James Holmes' bizarre court appearance was a sign of serious mental problems, or just an elaborate act. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Flake ... Or fake?

Is accused Batman movie killer James Holmes insane? Or was his wacked-out courtroom demeanor all an act?

The debate is raging.

"This could be a really good acting job," said Whoopi Goldberg on The View.

"I think so. I think he's faking it," said Joy Behar.

"I believe you can be highly intelligent and also have a mental disease," said Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

INSIDE EDITION assembled a panel of experts to analyze the video of James Holmes in court, when his expressions ranged from bug-eyed, to seeming to doze off.

HLN's Jane Velez Mitchell said, "I think he very well could be faking it. This is a very smart guy. I think part of him was realizing the enormity of the horror that he's accused of creating."

Body-language expert Tanya Ryman said the moment when the judge read the charges was telling.

"He did show—at one point—fear, when the judge was addressing him. The way you can decipher fear is that he took a very deep breath in, his eyes widened, looked down, and his eyebrows went up and together," said Ryman.

Ryman said the fact that Holmes also closed his eyes for extended periods is also revealing.

"He does something called an 'eye block,' and that's an extended eye closure. And really, our brains are wired to automatically shut out anything that upsets us," said Ryman.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Charles Heller said, "He shows very few feelings during his court appearance, which is a concern to most psychologists."

It's now being reported that a prison staffer said Holmes' behavior in court was not, as some had thought, due to medication.

"We don't just hand out meds. It just doesn't work like that," said the staffer.

Jordan Ghawi, brother of sportscaster Jessica Ghawi—who died in the rampage—thinks Holmes' demeanor is an act. 

"I don't believe for a second that he's sitting there, with his wide eyes, pretending to be incoherent. He knows what he's doing," said Ghawi.

In an INSIDE EDITION online poll, we asked, "Do you believe alleged movie massacre gunman James Holmes was faking his behavior in court?" 76% said "Yes," while 24% said "No."

Holmes's dyed hair led the New York Post to brand him the "Red Devil."