Mysterious Creature Washes Ashore in New York City

In the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, a mysterious creature washed ashore and has all of New York City baffled as to what it could be. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

A beautiful waterfront scene in New York City was altered after a jaw-dropping discovery.

A weird creature lied dead on the shore of the East River. What in the world was that bloated thing? It has teeth and toes, unlike any sea creature we've ever heard of.

A headline in The Huffington Post said it all: "Rat 'Monster' Washes Up On Manhattan East River Shore."

In the shadow of the legendary Brooklyn Bridge is where the creature washed ashore. A young photographer happened to be passing by and could barely believe her eyes.

Denise Ginley took the photos of "the thing," and everybody was baffled.

Ginley said, "We saw it and we were like, 'Oh gosh. That's horrible, let's take some pictures of it.' I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I was like, 'What is that?' It looked like a deformed creature or something."

Strange creatures are always turning up in New York, at least in the movies. Godzilla swam ashore to invade Manhattan, and vampires ran amok in I Am Legend. King Kong took over the big town, in black and white and in color. Ghosts spooked the city in Ghostbusters, and in The Amazing Spiderman a giant reptile ran amok in New York.

As for our mystery sea creature, INSIDE EDITION turned to animal expert Jared Miller for an answer.

Miller said, "If it is washing up in the East River, most likely it is a species of the native area. Some type of rodent, I am leaning towards the raccoon."

But for a little while there, everybody was caught up in the mystery of "the thing."

For more photos of the mysterious creature, click here.