Is Katherine Jackson Too Old to Raise Michael's Kids?

Katherine Jackson's own granddaughter is speaking out, saying the family matriarch is too old to be raising Michael's kids. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Katherine Jackson should not be raising Michael Jackson's children, according to her own granddaughter.

Tito Jackson's daughter, Tanay Jackson, thinks it's just too much for her ailing 82-year-old grandmother.

"I don't think she should continue watching the kids. I just feel like she needs to rest. I feel like she does not need to be under the stress of the whole situation," said Tanay.

Tanay, a performer like her famous relatives, says she's trying hard not to take sides in the civil war between Paris and aunt Janet Jackson.

"Janet is a strong person and being a very strong aunt, and she's just putting her foot down," said Tanay.

She believes that Michael's final wishes should be respected. His will leaves everything to his mother and three children. Several of Michael's siblings, including Janet and Jermaine, are contesting the will's validity.

"If Michael wanted to put his brothers and sisters in the will, he would have," said Tanay.

Meanwhile, a friend of Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of Prince and Paris, was quoted as saying, "The circus is very disconcerting to Debbie; she's concerned about their welfare."

Paris and her brother Prince continue their Twitter campaign to convince the world that a sinister conspiracy is afoot to take away their inheritance and keep them away from their beloved grandmother.

Paris was still up at 1:30 in the morning tweeting, "I love my brothers so [expletive] much," along with a photo of her with Prince and Blanket.

It's hard not to feel sympathy for the Jackson kids who lost their dad at such a young age. But Gladys Knight reacted unsympathetically to reports that Paris cursed at aunt Janet during that now infamous argument in the driveway.

She told viewers of The Talk, "If she had called me that, she would have no teeth. That's how I was brought up."

Tanay Jackson says she's looking forward to a Jackson family reunion, which is scheduled for next month.