Team USA Makes a Splash With Viral Video

The summer Olympic Games kick off this weekend and a video is going viral of athletes celebrating the start of the competition. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

As the London Olympics officially open, an amazing video made by Team USA's swim team is going viral, with hundreds of thousands of hits in just a few hours.

The summer blockbuster, "Call Me Maybe," is becoming the swim team's unofficial anthem. The video features our Olympians on the flight to London, bussing through London's busy streets, and frolicking in the Olympic pool.

And the First Lady is Team USA's number one fan. In London to support Team USA, she gave America's Olympians a pep talk.

"Wow! Wow! Wow! I can't believe I'm here with you all! I am beyond proud," said the First Lady.

Eyes popped as Princess Kate wore a pair of super skinny jeans to greet the Olympic torch at Buckingham Palace. Later she showed off her ping pong skills, and her frugal wardrobe, in a summer dress that cost just $54.

And Mitt Romney was doing major league damage control today, praising Britain's Olympic organization.

"After being here a couple of days, it seems to me London is ready," said Romney.

Romney caused uproar by implying London wasn't ready to host the Olympics, leading to headlines like "Mitt the Twit" in London.

And London's mayor scoffed at Romney in front of a crowd of 60,000, saying, "Someone named Mitt Romney wants to know if we're ready. Are we ready?"

Back in the USA, Fox News was arguing that the entire controversy was being overblown by Romney haters.

But it's America's athletes that will have the last words, and they will be, "Call me maybe."