Robot Lifeguard Ten Times Faster Than Average Lifeguard

A new robotic lifeguard that can speed through rough waters is being used to aid lifeguards in rescue operations. INSIDE EDITION put the new device to the test.

When you think of lifeguards, images of those Baywatch babes come to mind. But that's about to change.

Los Angeles County's newest lifeguard in Malibu doesn't have to worry about her make-up or her swimsuit, because she's actually a robot named Emily.    

Emily the Robot reaches swimmers in distress ten times quicker than the fastest lifeguard. It's like a tiny remote-controlled Jet Ski that powers through the waves at 25 miles per hour.
INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Recaño spoke to Joe Everett, a lifeguard familiar with Emily. She asked, "Can you give us some of the specifics about the device?"

"Emily is like a large raft or like a rescue tube or buoy. These ropes on the side are for a victim to hold on to," Everett replied.

Emily the Robot Lifeguard sounds like a great idea, but does it really work? Recaño put on a wet suit and jumped into the water to put Emily to the test.

Recaño swam out far from shore where the riptides are the most dangerous. The powerful currents and the 60° water are a deadly combination. In fact, on a typical day in Malibu, there can be as many as 100 rescues. Even the best swimmer can tire fast and drown in minutes.  
"We're 100 yards off shore and the conditions are pretty choppy because there is a hurricane off the coast of Mexico. I'm ready to see Emily in action," said Recaño.
Four lifeguards sprang into action. One lifeguard ran Emily out to the water and tossed her in, while another used a remote to control Emily, while another with binoculars looked for the red flag to guide him to the exact spot. Then, a fourth lifeguard, carrying his float, ran into the surf and swam out to make the save.
Emily arrived quickly. Recaño grabbed the ropes and climbed on board. She used Emily to float while the actual lifeguard swam to her.
It took the real lifeguard more than two minutes to swim the 100 yards in choppy surf.

The lifeguard pulled Recaño back to shore while Emily zipped back, ready for the next rescue.

"There's nothing like having a hunky lifeguard come to the rescue, but until he gets there, Emily is a real lifesaver," said Recaño.