Robert Pattinson In Hiding At Reese Witherspoon's Retreat

Robert Pattinson is reportedly taking time for himself in Reese Witherspoon's hideaway outside Los Angeles as he tries to move on from his break up with Kristen Stewart. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

We are finally learning where actor Robert Pattinson has been hiding since those humiliating photos appeared of Kristen Stewart in the arms of another man. Turns out, he's at Reese Witherspoon's vacation estate in Ojai, California.

He's remained friends with Witherspoon since they appeared together in Water for Elephants last year. And now, he's taken refuge at her gorgeous home, which will be featured in the September issue of ELLE Decor magazine, hitting newsstands August 7th. The spectacular home features a living room with a cathedral ceiling and a veranda covered in flowers.

People magazine's Charlotte Triggs told INSIDE EDITION, "When she learned that this had happened, she reached out and offered him her house in Ojai, California, so he could just get away from everything and have some time to himself."

Pattinson is said to have fled the Los Angeles home he shared with Kristen Stewart in the middle of the night, according to People magazine, which details the cheating scandal on its cover—on newsstands Friday.

The magazine reports that Pattinson "drowned his sorrows" at The Churchill, a lounge in Los Angeles.

Pattinson is also said to have ignored "a barrage of tearful texts and calls" from Stewart, but by last weekend, he had relented and he and Stewart began talking again.

"After several days, Robert finally gave in and did talk to Kristen. They've been discussing things, but according to sources, he's still really angry and upset," said Triggs.

To view more images of Reese's home, please visit ELLE Decor's website.