Man Accused of Faking His Own Death

A woman says her husband faked his own death to get away from her and try to collect his life insurance policy. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The wife of a man feared drowned off a popular beach believes he tried to fake his own death.

Raymond Roth triggered a massive search of the ocean off Jones Beach on New York's Long Island after his son reported him missing last Saturday.  

While police and coast guard searched for him for five days, the 47-year-old phone company executive was reportedly 1,000 miles away at a timeshare resort in Orlando, Florida.

Thursday, he was stopped for speeding in South Carolina.

One cop told reporters, "After he was stopped in South Carolina, he called us and said he was en route back to New York."

Roth's wife, Evana, was stunned to discover incriminating emails sent to his 22-year-old son which indicated Roth planned to fake his own death.

One, sent the day before he disappeared, said, "There needs to be a way for me to find out how things are going. Call me Sunday night at 8pm at the resort. You cannot call from your phone. Go to a pay phone or borrow your friend's phone."

"There was just some sort of plan that they were doing together," Evana told INSIDE EDITION.

So why would he want to disappear? Roth does have financial problems. He lost his job and put his house up for sale for $549,000.    

There won't be a happy reunion.

Evana told INSIDE EDITION, "I am angry for what he put the public through, and myself and my family and his family, thinking that he was dead, that we mourned his death."