Newsweek Lists Rowdiest Colleges in America

From partying to happiness, college rankings are out and INSIDE EDITION reports on which schools made which list.  

West Virginia University is notorious for its Saint Patrick's Day parties.

And as seen in many YouTube videos, heavy drinking and wild parties go hand in hand at Pennsylvania State University.  

According to the latest issue of Newsweek, these two schools top the list of rowdiest schools in America.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Lauren Streib, assistant editor at Newsweek & The Daily Beast, who helped compile their 2012 college rankings list.  

"These are the campuses which, technically, have the most problems with disciplinary actions related to drug and alcohol," said Streib, "Schools don't always love being on our list."

Also on the party list—Ohio University and University of Colorado-Boulder.

Newsweek also lists the schools with the happiest students. At the top? Stanford University.  

"They have a very high overall satisfaction rate and they have a very high retention rate. Students don't transfer in and out of there a lot," said Streib.

The most beautiful schools—Pacific Union College in California, and Santa Clara University.  

"This is a fun list. What we did is, we not only looked at how beautiful are the students—which is based on survey data, students rated the girls and the guys—it's also based on the campus. They rated the aesthetics of the campus. And some of these have gorgeous, really picturesque campuses," said Streib.

See the complete list in this week's issue of Newsweek, on stands now.