Model Reveals Her Recovery After Propeller Accident

Lauren Skruggs, the model who was seriously injured after walking into an airplane propeller, gave her first TV interview since the tragic accident. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Lauren Scruggs, the beautiful model who was hit in the head by an airplane propeller just last year, is showing the world how she is recovering.

Scruggs lost her left eye, left hand, and her left collar bone was smashed by the blade, but you'd never know it. She looked amazingly sound during her first TV interview since the accident on the Today show.

"I'm feeling good. Haven't had any pain since January so that's a blessing. Emotionally I've had a hard time dealing with the loss of my eye and hand, but I'm ok," Scruggs said. 

It happened just before Christmas. Scruggs went for a ride in a small prop plane to look at the holiday lights near Dallas, Texas. When she landed in the dark, she stepped out of the plane and accidentally stepped directly into the still-spinning propeller blades.

"I remember my feet touching the ground outside the plane, but that's the last thing I remember," Scruggs said.  

Doctors couldn't believe she survived, and now, against all odds, she's thriving after nine months of painful surgeries and brutal physical therapy.

She said she went to London to take in the Olympics because the athletes inspire her.

Savannah Guthrie asked, "Are there any particular athletes that you really are inspired by?"

"Yeah, I think Gabby [Douglas] is a real inspiration to me, her spirit," said Scruggs.  

Then, she got the surprise of her life as Douglas came out to say hello and greet her big fan.

Perhaps Douglas said it best when she gave Scruggs this advice, "Keep staying strong and keep shining!"