Is Naomi Campbell Going Bald?

Shocking photos of supermodel Naomi Campbell reveal her dramatically receding hairline possibly from an overuse of hair extensions. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Naomi Campbell – bald!

A photo was snapped as the supermodel vacationed in Ibiza, Spain. Campbell's body still looked runway-ready in a printed bikini, but what happened to her head? The front is almost completely bald. All you can see is her scalp. The hair in the back appears to be a weave.

Dermatologist Doris Day says 42-year-old Campbell could be suffering from Traction Alopecia.

"Traction Alopecia occurs from over-pulling the hair, either from a very tight ponytail, or braiding, or hair extensions," said Day.

For years, the glamour girl has worn weaves and wigs as she graced the catwalk, and in the famous shot of her from 2007, exiting New York Sanitation Department on her last day of community service, she was wearing a wig.

It's unclear if Campbell's real hair will ever grow back.

Day told INSIDE EDITION, "If there is scarring then the hair will not grow back, but hair transplants can be done to that area."