INSIDE EDITION Goes Under the Knife with Former Bachelorette

INSIDE EDITION was there as former Bachelorette, Trista Sutter went under the knife to freshen up her look.

Her pretty face captured the heart of hunky firefighter Ryan Sutter on ABC's The Bachelorette.

But, eight years after walking down the aisle, Trista Sutter walked into a doctor's office for a dramatic plastic surgery makeover.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "I really never thought of myself as someone who would have plastic surgery. I just really started feeling the aging process kicking in."

Only INSIDE EDITION was with the former reality TV star on the day she went under the knife to get breast implants and have her eyes made over.

"I'm hoping to look more refreshed, more full," she said.

The wife and mother of two is about to turn 40 and wants to feel more like that glamorous beauty who starred on The Bachelorette. Sutter wanted to go from a small B-size cup to a full C. She also felt her eyelids needed a lift.

"It's just droopy a little bit, and I've noticed these bags," she said.

Her plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose said there's nothing wrong with wanting to have a makeover at age 40.

"This is not at all too young. We're going to take away a little access up in here [eyelids]," said Dr. Rose.

On the morning of the surgery, Sutter had last minute jitters.

"I'm nervous, but I figured it's time," she said.

It was then off to the O.R. and our cameras are right there. The doctor begins with the breast implant surgery.

After placing the implant, Dr. Rose decided it was too big for Sutter's petite frame and opted for a smaller C size. It took just one hour to finish the breast surgery. Then it was on to Sutter's eyes.

The doctor started with the upper lid, he removed excess skin and did a minor lift. Then he worked on removing the bags from under her eyes. An hour later, the surgery was complete.

Dr. Rose said, "I think the patient overall will be more that thrilled. I think she will be ecstatic."

Three weeks after the surgery, INSIDE EDITION checked in and met up with Sutter and saw flaunting her new sexy curves for a bikini photo shoot. She looked great but she revealed her recovery was rough.

"I was depressed. I will just put that out there," she said.

Sutter has since rebounded and is having plenty of fun with her new look.

"I just feel very confident in clothing, when I'm in front of the mirror. My husband is very happy," she said.

Thanks to her surgery, she can now feel fabulous at 40.