LL Cool J Takes Down Home Intruder

Don't mess with LL Cool J! The rapper-turned-actor took down a home intruder in the middle of the night and held him until police arrived. INSIDE EDITION reports from outside the star's home.

LL Cool J is a real-life action hero.

The NCIS Los Angeles star was behind the wheel of his Mercedes SUV after he reportedly broke the nose and jaw of a suspected burglar inside his home in the middle of the night.

It happened around 1:00 a.m. at LL Cool J's two-story mansion in Studio City, California. The actor was upstairs in the bedroom when a security alarm was triggered and he went downstairs to investigate.  

Police say he confronted the intruder face-to-face. They started fighting and LL Cool J came out on top, actually subduing the suspect until cops arrived.  

One of LL Cool J's daughters called 911 to say her dad had just taken down the intruder inside their home and was holding him for police. 

LL Cool J does his own stunts on NCIS Los Angeles and wasn't hurt in the real-life knock-down, drag-out fight, but the prowler reportedly suffered a broken nose and jaw. INSIDE EDITION spoke to a next-door neighbor.

"He picked the wrong house. I could easily understand how LL would be able to grab somebody like that and do whatever he wanted to," said the neighbor.

No question that LL Cool J, whose real name is James Todd Smith, is not the guy you want to pick on.  He's 6' 2", 240 pounds of rippling muscle, and even wrote his own book called LL Cool J's Platinum Workout.

The 44-year-old is a fitness fanatic who even works out with a sledge hammer. Just ask the home intruder now booked for burglary who tangled with LL Cool J, real-life action hero.