Prince Harry's Friend Lashes Out At Person Who Leaked Naked Photos

Prince Harry's friend is coming to his defense and calling out the person who leaked the naked photos. Meanwhile, INSIDE EDITION has learned where the prince started his wild week of partying.


That's what Prince Harry's best friend is calling the person who leaked those naked photos today.
"It is really despicable that someone would accept Prince Harry's hospitality and then take these pictures," said millionaire playboy Arthur Landon.

Landon is speaking out as we're learning new details about Prince Harry's wild party. And it was epic!

His luxury suite at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel was packed with 25 revelers—15 of whom were bikini clad girls. Several of the girls were taking pictures with their cell phones. But Harry's bodyguards acted "like a bunch of amateurs" lackadaisically telling them, "Awww, come on... no photos."

Ken Wharfe, a former royal bodyguard on Princess Diana's security team says Harry's protectors definitely dropped the ball.

"I think it's irresponsible to sit there and actually say nothing," said Wharfe.

Harry got naked during a game of strip billiards. The rules were, if you hit a ball in a pocket you got to go again. If you missed, you took a piece of clothing off. Harry, however, was way ahead of everyone else. He showed up at the party wearing just his swimsuit which he reportedly "quickly removed."

We're learning today that Harry's $5,000-a-night luxury suite was apparently comped. His wild Vegas weekend didn't cost him a dime.

Back home in Britain, Harry's dad, Prince Charles is said to be "very disappointed to say the least." He's reportedly given his youngest son a dressing down and advised him to lay low for the time being.

Britain's largest newspaper, The Sun today defied the royal family's request and published the photos on the front page with this cheeky headline: "Heir It Is!"

The Sun's editor defended the decision to publish the picture.

"This is about a ludicrous situation where a picture can be seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world on the internet, but can't be seen in the nation's favorite paper," said the editor.

So far, The Sun is Britain's only newspaper to go with the photos.

It turns out that Harry's Vegas blow-out was the climax of a wild week for the party prince. Before arriving in Vegas, Harry and his traveling buddies spent a week on Neckar Island, a private retreat in the Caribbean.

Harry's pal, Arthur Landon posted a picture on his Facebook page showing a young man passed out on the sand with the caption "Nice start."

And here's what Landon packed for the vacation....Halloween costumes and a gas mask.

Richard Branson, who owns Necker Island, is standing up for his royal guest today, tweeting: "shock horror, single man naked in own hotel room with woman. Leave prince harry alone."