Prince Harry Deactivates Secret Facebook Page

Who knew royalty had their own Facebook page? Reports have surfaced that Prince Harry has deactivated a secret Facebook page in the wake of his naked photo scandal. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Prince Harry has pulled the plug on his secret Facebook page!

The account was under the pseudonym 'Spike Wells', a name known only to his closest friends and the page was kept under the strictest privacy controls.

The profile picture was frequently changed from a hedgehog, to a lemur from the movie Madagascar, to a picture of a red headed kid.

Harry had almost 400 friends—a who's who of British hoi polloi. He was active on the account, posting comments right up to last week when the naked photo scandal broke.

Palace advisers ordered him to shut it down as they try to contain the fallout.

And it just gets worse for the party prince. His girlfriend, model Cressida Bonas, who Harry had been dating all summer, has reportedly dumped him. She's said to be 'humiliated' by pictures showing Harry partying away in Las Vegas with cute girls from a bachelorette party.