Passenger Talks About Disasterous Boating Accident

What was supposed to be a fun day on the lake became a nightmare for passengers when rough waters tossed their boat around like a toy. INSIDE EDITION spoke to one of the passengers.

What began as an exhilarating outing on a power boat, suddenly, turned disastrous.

A boat almost tipped completely over after encountering choppy water. Everyone on board was slammed around like rag dolls, causing numerous broken bones.

The passengers included a husband, his wife and their pretty daughter. The skipper kicked up the throttle and the passengers got a thrill as the boat roared along on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Photographer Brett Tintera was also on the boat.

"The captain took it to full throttle, I was caught off guard. I thought we're in for one fast ride. I kind of got a bad feeling," said Tintera.

Suddenly, there was big trouble.  

Even the skipper lost his grip on the controls and was tossed about. A young woman smashed her face against the side of the boat.

Tintera said "I couldn't hear very well, so I just remember everyone pointing."

Injured and groggy, the passengers tried to collect themselves.

A young woman was in agony from a fractured eye socket, and anxious to get back to shore for emergency medical attention.

One passenger went to the aide of the stricken skipper.

"Can you talk to me? How's your back? We need help. Call for help," said the passenger.

Tintera said, "I remember my legs instantly hurting, my back instantly hurting, I remember looking around and immediately laying down on the back of the boat."

The skipper was charged with careless and imprudent operation of a vessel, and none of the passengers will soon forget the boat trip that turned to terror.