Prince Harry Laughs At Himself in First Public Appearance Since Naked Photo Scandal

Prince Harry wins PR gold by poking a little fun at himself in his first public appearance since his naked photo scandal. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Prince Harry's first public appearance in London was indeed a royal smash.

Meanwhile, back in Las Vegas, another man who knows his way around a swimming pool had himself a real good time at the hotel where Harry had his now-famous pool party.

The wild poolside celeration for was held for Olympic hero Michael Phelps at the Encore, the same Las Vegas hotel where Prince Harry had that race with swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Phelps was all smiles as he was presented with a big cake, sending him off into retirement in style. He was surrounded by a bevy of bikini-clad beauties. The celebration continued into the night. Prince Harry masks were all the rage on the hotel's pool deck. We have to believe this would give the prince a big laugh.

Back in London, it was hugs and kisses for Harry after the prince made his first public apperance following his notorious naked photos scandal in Vegas. When it came time to speak at a charity event, Harry showed he was able to laugh at himself.

"Never one to be shy at coming forward, I'll give it a go," said the prince, as he laughed.

Harry was especially glad to meet one little boy, who got a lot of attention after he was asked what he was going to tell Harry. The boy responded, "I'm glad you got your clothes on Harry!"

Harry wagged an admonishing finger at the little boy, but it was all in fun.

Prince Harry's return to the public eye is front-page news all over London. This headline in the Daily Mail says it all: "Harry Goes For PR Gold And Wins!"

So just like that, Harry goes from being the party prince to prince charming.