Church of Scientology Denies Vanity Fair Claims that the Church Auditioned Actress to be Tom Cruise's Bride

A new Vanity Fair article claims the Church of Scientology hand picked a Hollywood actress and tried to alter her looks in order to be the next wife of Tom Cruise, but the church and Tom Cruise says it's not true. INSIDE EDITION has the detail

There are shocking new details about Tom Cruise and the exotic beauty that Vanity Fair magazine claims was hand-picked by the Church of Scientology to be his bride.   

According to the magazine, Iranian born actress Nazanin Boniadi was chosen after a grueling audition process which involved revealing "her innermost secrets...Including every detail of her sex life."

Scientology leaders were reportedly searching for "a drop dead beautiful true believer" to share Cruise's life.

But incredibly, Boniadi was apparently not deemed quite beautiful enough. The magazine claims that she was ordered to lose her red highlights to emphasize her exotic beauty and to stop wearing braces. Cruise even told her to file down her teeth.

Vanity Fair special correspondent Maureen Orth appeared on network morning shows Wednesday to defend her story which is being called lies and hogwash by Cruise and the Church of Scientology.

NBC's Today host Matt Lauer said, "She had to change her hair, she had to lose the braces, and she had to dump her boyfriend."

"Right that was very hard for her," said Orth.

On Good Morning America Elizabeth Vargas said, "Tom Cruise's denial could not be more categorical."

"Well... it would be very hard for the number of people I talked to on the record to have corroborated the intense amount of detail that is in this story to have made that up from whole cloth," said Orth.

The magazine claims Boniadi's first date with Cruise included sushi at a trendy Manhattan restaurant owned by Robert De Niro, a private view of New York from the top of the Empire State Building, and late-night ice skating at the Rockefeller Center Rink, which was closed to give them privacy.

But the relationship reportedly soured after less than two months. According to Vanity Fair their first fight involved a now-notorious ceremony in which Cruise was given a coveted Scientology award.

Boniadi reportedly told Cruise, "Very well done," but Cruise felt that was not sufficient praise. Cruise was also said to be angry because he felt she was being "disrespectful" to Scientology leader David Miscavige.

The Church of Scientology says the whole article is nonsense.

"The entire premise of the Vanity Fair article is totally false," says the Church of Scientology.

So far, Boniadi is not speaking out to either confirm or deny the story.

"She was very very deeply traumatized by this whole experience," said Orth.