Bullied Bus Monitor Retires After Receiving Big Bucks

As school starts across the country, INSIDE EDITION tracked down the bus monitor who was relentlessly bullied last year, to see if she is returning to her job this year.

It was the video that appalled the nation. A 68-year-old school bus monitor was in tears while being mercilessly ridiculed and sworn at by the kids.

Karen Klein's ordeal made headlines around the world when the dreadful video came to light.

"Can you imagine if that was your mother or your grandmother on that bus," said CBS The Talk's Aisha Tyler.

Kathie Lee Gifford gave her input on The Today Show saying it is important to know "who the parents are of those children."

So how's the tearful grandmother doing now? She's doing just fine, putting her nightmare behind her, and still basking in the outpouring of love that came her way as a result of her ordeal.

"Enjoy it Karen, you deserve it honey," said one supporter of Klein. 

Big-hearted well-wishers from around the world kicked in a staggering $700,000 to a fund to try to make it up to Karen.

"It was like Christmas, really," said Klein.

She used some of the cash to pay off her mortgage and her credit cards, and to take her family on a dream vacation.

"I went to Disneyland," said Klein.

And, she treated herself to an iPad, which she uses to take photos of her granddaughter Sara.

The big question as school resumes, will Klein go back to her job as a bus monitor at the school district near Rochester, New York? Well, no. She's now retired. But the memories of that terrible teasing live with her. Klein took INSIDE EDITION back on the bus where her tormentors made her life miserable.

"I was sitting right here," said Klein as she recalled the incident.