The New Bachelor Talks to INSIDE EDITION

Airline pilot Jake Pavelka, the newest Bachelor tells INSIDE EDITION about trying to find love on a national television show and even shares some tips on dealing with stricter security at airports.

The new Bachelor, 31-year-old Jake Pavelka, got all the girls on the show to play an impromptu game of football in their evening gowns! It was just one of the creative methods Pavelka used to find true love among the beauties vying for his heart.

"Before I knew it, all of the women piled out, kicked off their heels and we had a ball game," he says.


It's Jake's second chance at finding love on national television...he was left in tears after being rejected on the last season of The Bachelorette.

But this time he's in charge. "This season throughout, it's going to start right out of the box, you know, rocky and dramatic," he tells INSIDE EDITION.

And the airline pilot even has some advice to travelers facing stricter security at airports these days: "Be as patient as you can, make sure you arrive early, because the government is keeping it safe."