5-Year-Old 'Star Wars' Fan Gets Stormtrooper-Inspired Prosthetic Hand

It was the ultimate Christmas gift for the young man.

A 5-year-old Star Wars fan had much to celebrate this Christmas as he received a custom-made prosthetic hand inspired by the Stormtroopers.

Jacob Taggart was born with one full left hand but his right hand only had a thumb, part of his first finger, no middle finger, and two “little nubs,” according to his grandmother. 

The youngster, from Phoenix, Ariz., began to fall behind in school because he could not participate like his classmates. He struggled to write, play sports, and fully participate in activities.

However, he found love in the Star Wars films. 

Taggart has a special kinship to George Lucas’ saga because the main characters – Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader – are missing hands or limbs in the films. His favorite characters are the Stormtroopers because their suits resemble prosthetics. 

On Friday, the MORE Foundation, a non-profit in Arizona, helped changed the boy’s life by giving him a prosthetic hand that looked like a Stormtrooper's.

The foundation used 3D printing to create the arm which has given Taggart the ability to grip anything.

"Kids want a hand that says something about who they are, that kind of displays their personality on the outside through that prosthetic," Dr. Marc Jacofsky, the organization's executive director, told USA Today.

The MORE Foundation gave him the hand for free as a Christmas gift and hope to give 100 more to children in need next year. 

For additional information on the MORE Foundation's program and how to donate and support their cause, click here