Police Respond To Man Napping In River

When police responded to a call of a body floating in the Susquehanna River, they got the shock of their lives when the body sat up and looked around. Turns out, a man was simply taking a floating nap. INSIDE EDITION has the unusual story.

A body floating face up in shallow water looked like a case for cops and the coroner. But suddenly, the man sat up straight and walked out of the river, to the shock of everyone on the scene!

His name is Joe DeAngelo, and he likes to relax by putting on his life jacket, wading into Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River, lying down and taking a nap, fully clothed.

DeAngelo said, "It's almost like a little piece of heaven."

Captain Michael Orwig thought DeAngelo had actually gone to heaven when he responded to a 911 call about a dead man in the river.

"I saw the body floating face up. It looked like a typical drowning person. We've had that here before," said Orwig. "The coroner discussed getting a body bag, and I saw his chin moving."

DeAngelo only woke up from his 40 minute nap, because a dragonfly landed on his nose.

"I went to swat it. I heard a little 'Hey' and saw there was people on the sidelines," explained DeAngelo.

He wondered what all the fuss was about when he saw emergency services and even a TV crew. Turns out, DeAngelo didn't break any laws.

DeAngelo asked authorities, "You don't have no citation for me, do you? Thank god!"

DeAngelo was so relieved, he was ready for another watery nap. This time, INSIDE EDITION woke him up before the coroner could be called.