INSIDE EDITION Investigates the Hamptons Party Train

You don't want to find yourself stuck on this train, considering people are drinking and partying, with alcohol flowing non-stop.  Many passengers are completely out-of-control. Lisa Guerrero and the I-Squad climbed aboard to check out wh

It’s the wildest train you’ll ever ride - the sort of experience you'd expect to find in a college frat house.  But this scene is happening in a most surprising place, the Hamptons -- that famous pleasure oasis on the East End of Long Island, N.Y., where the wealthy spend their summers.

But there is another side of the Hamptons. It's called the Boardy Barn, an outdoor bar in the quaint hamlet of Hampton Bays, just down the road from the Hampton Bays train station.  Young people come here every Sunday evening in the summer, just before boarding one of the last trains back to New York City.

The beer is cheap and flows like water, and the patrons tend to drink themselves silly.  There was even a huge puddle of beer in the middle of the dance floor!

People here do what’s called “the long arm," where they extend their beers to the sky and pour it into their mouths and all over their faces.  We watched as one guy's friend poured three beers down his throat in a matter of seconds.

Some people were roaming the place with as many beers as they could hold.  Others even brought fanny packs and holsters to maximize their consumption.  At one point, a fight broke out.

But come 8:27 p.m., one of the final trains into New York City pulls into the Long Island Railroad station at Hampton Bays and many of the Boardy Barn patrons stumble their way to the train station for the ride home.
And once on the train, the drinking keeps on going, sometimes until the passengers pass out.  One viral video showcases revelers turning the train aisle into a slip and slide of beer.

We spoke with Michael Coan, Chief of Police for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates the Long Island Railroad.

“We know it's going to be crowded so we police it,” Coan said. “Let's face it. We don't want them driving.”

We did notice as many as two police officers in each train car and according to a statement from the MTA Police, they have made four arrests and issued six summonses on that train in 2012. But their presence did little to stop the out of control activity on the days we were aboard the notorious Hamptons party train.