Drinking Gesture By Princess Kate Ignites Pregnancy Rumors

A toasting gesture by Princess Kate leads to speculation that the royal couple could be expecting. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop. 

Is Princess Kate pregnant?  

On a royal visit to Singapore with Prince William, Kate drank only water during two toasts at a formal State dinner. The simple gesture is triggering speculation that 30-year-old Kate is avoiding alcohol because she's expecting.

Prince William added to the pregnancy talk by telling a crowd of well-wishers he would like to have two children.

Wendy Williams, whose hit talk show begins its fourth season this week, told INSIDE EDITION she thinks Kate is sending a message.

"I loved the wine trick, and I would say 'Yes, she is pregnant.' Haven't we also seen her put her hand over her stomach in that knowing way," said Williams.

And even after she was aware of the frenzy she has ignited with her toast, she was again spotted clinking glasses at another event and drinking plain water. 

Williams said, "I hope she is pregnant."