Kate Gosselin Focus of Child Labor Hearing

Kate Gosselin is facing another public battle: Her brother and sister-in-law testified at a child labor hearing, and claimed their nieces and nephews were exploited during the production of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's open warfare between Kate Gosselin and her brother. Kate became the focus of a child labor hearing today as Pennsylvania lawmakers investigated the treatment of children in reality shows. 

And the most vocal critics of the reality mom's parenting skills? Her own brother and sister-in-law. 

Jodi and Kevin Kreider testified that their nieces and nephews were exploited during production of TLC's now canceled series Jon and Kate Plus 8.

"The children's potty training with skin exposed was filmed by camera crews in the children's bathroom, often without a parent present," said Kevin.

Jon and Kate have said time and time again that the children love the cameras, they loved making the show. You saw differently? Inside Edition asked Kevin and Jodi.

"Well of course, a camera crew following you is not always the best situation. There were many times where the children would put up their hands to the camera, not wanting to be filmed," said Jodi.

Kate's brother and sister-in-law told INSIDE EDITION they're not here to bash their famous sister. They simply want to voice their concerns about what they saw inside the Gosselin home during the filming of the hit reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8.  Inside, Kate's sister-in-law Jodi fought back tears, her voice cracking with emotion, as she spoke about her eight nieces and nephews.

"Our goal is to have this law revised so that not only our nieces and nephews will be protected but for all children who are now or who will be involved in reality TV," Jodi said.

Are you at all concerned about the perception that you're out here attacking your sister, attacking your own family? INSIDE EDITION asked.

"I'm not attacking my sister. I mean we love Kate and Jon very, very much. What person would not want to protect children?" Kevin said.

Jodi added, "We know our hearts, we know the situation and I think anyone that lived and saw what we say would speak out as well."   

Pennsylvania's department of child welfare services investigated the working conditions of Jon and Kate Plus 8 last May but found no violations. Kate's eight kids won't be involved in her new upcoming reality series Twist of Kate, as she travels around the country helping women deal with their own family issues.

Kate's huge fan base was on clear display during last night's Dancing with the Stars as the beloved reality mom once again escaped elimination, despite having the lowest scores from the judges. 

It was heart-throb soap star Aiden Turner who was voted off, giving Kate Gosselin a chance to dance another day!