Sarah Palin's Public Appearance Contract Revealed?

Sarah Palin may not be the average American hockey mom she claims to be. The politician has earned a reported $12 million since stepping down as governor of Alaska last year. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

"Boston, if anyone knows how to throw a tea party, it is you!" Sarah Palin told the crowd.

There was a tumultuous reception for Sarah Palin at a tea party rally in Boston on April 14th. It's another sign of her immense popularity that has earned her a reported $12 million since stepping down as governor of Alaska last year.

Her bestselling book, Going Rogue has earned her $7 million so far and there's a second book in the works.

She is being paid $2 million for her reality show Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC.

And she makes up to $100,000 each for her speeches.

"She's making a lot of money. She can make in an afternoon what she made in a year as the governor of Alaska," said. Shushannah Walshe, author of Sarah from Alaska.

INSIDE EDITION is also learning more about Palin's confidential requirements whenever she makes a public appearance. It's all in a contract discovered, in of all places, a garbage dumpster near San Francisco by a Cal State college student. And it gives a remarkable insight into her lifestyle on the road. 

According to the contract, she insists on wooden lecterns, no plexiglass, two bottles of unopened still water and bendable straws to drink from.

Palin insists on flying in big private jets, a Lear 60 or a Hawker 800.

She also demands a one-bedroom deluxe hotel suite registered under an alias plus two single rooms, even if she's not spending the night.

"I think it could change the way some people think of her. It takes away from her hockey mom, average mom persona, but we have to remember the people that love her, they're not going anywhere," said Walshe.


Experts say Palin is worth every cent because she draws big crowds wherever she goes.