Family of Grandmother Dragged Out Of SUV By Cop Speaks Out

The granddaughter of the 77-year-old woman who was dragged from her SUV by a cop is expressing outrage over the way the office handled the situation. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The family of that 77-year-old grandmother who was dragged out of her SUV by a cop are speaking out.   

Aubrey McQue is the granddaughter of the elderly woman whose arrest near Dallas is being seen around the world.

“This could have broken somebody’s hip. This could have seriously injured them,” said McQue.

She said her grandmother sustained painful bruises on her arms when Sgt. Gene Geheb grabbed her and yanked her out of her SUV. It all started when she was pulled over for speeding because she had to go to the bathroom.

McQue said her grandmother, Lynn Bedford, is still emotionally distraught. She said, “You ask her about the situation and she'll still start crying over it.”

There's new video that you haven't seen, that was shot as she was being released from police custody.

In the video, Bedford said, “I'm so shook up I can't even write. I never thought I’d be treated like this."

Authorities in Keene, Texas, said the officer broke no rules.