Janice Min On The Pressure To Be A 'Momshell' After Pregnancy

After facing a battle losing baby weight after her third child, The Hollywood Reporter editorial director Janice Min is offering support to Jessica Simpson and others who feel the pressure to lose weight soon after pregnancy. INSIDE EDITION talks to Mi

As Jessica Simpson struggles to lose the 80 pounds she gained while pregnant, she's getting support from other high-profile new moms.

"I just feel bad for her and also, I feel bad that she had 80 pounds to lose. I mean, I only had 36 to lose and it's killing me" said Rachel Uchitel.

Uchitel, once known as Tiger Woods mistress No. 1, has just had her first baby. A girl named Wyatt. Like those other famous moms, Beyonce and Heidi Klum, Uchitel lost her baby weight in record time.

Uchitel was showing off her post baby bikini body at the Villa Del Palmar in Cancun, just four months after giving birth to Wyatt
Janice Min, is the woman who is often given the credit, or the blame for the so-called "momshell" craze, which is all about becoming a bombshell in as short a time as possible after giving birth.

"Let's demystify the process and let real women know what these celebrities are doing," says Min in an interview with INSIDE EDITION.

Min, a former editor of US Weekly and now Editorial Director at The Hollywood Reporter, has just  published a new book, How To Look Hot In A Minivan. She found herself on the other side of the fence after recently having her third child.

"It took me a long time to lose that weight. It took me until my son was 7-months-old. I was still being asked if I was pregnant. It was really traumatic," said Min.

Min now has a newfound appreciation for what all news moms, celebrity or otherwise, are going through.