Scorned Woman Seeks Payback By Releasing Documentary

INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman who is making waves with a documentary she's releasing on the ending of her 8 year relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

It's payback time Part Two for the former mistress of a powerful businessman.

She made headlines back in 2010, when she paid $250,000 to put up billboards of herself posing with her boyfriend near Times Square in New York, and other cities.

Now, she's making a movie about their affair.   

Charles Phillips is the former president of the software giant, Oracle, and an economic advisor to President Obama.

His former girlfriend, 43-year-old YaVaughnie Wilkins, has made a new documentary called Glamorous Lie.  

In the movie's trailer Wilkins said, "Charles spent every Valentines Day, New Years Eve, and birthday with me."

The film details their 8-and-a-half year affair, which ended when he went back to his wife, Karen.

“I did it so I could have my side of the story out, told the way I want it to be told,” Wilkins told INSIDE EDITION.

The movie was shown for the first time Thursday night at the Harlem Film Festival in New York.
“I always thought I was the understanding partner in his life, but all I did was enable him to deceive me,” said Wilkins.

She claims the 53-year-old Phillips told her his marriage was over.
Wilkins said, “I was not a mistress. I was led to believe I was not a mistress. I found out that I was a mistress, and that sucked.”

Wilkins says Phillips called her just last week and asked her to withdraw the documentary. She says, “He kept asking: ‘What do you want from me? What can I do to make this go away?’”

Last minute legal moves to halt the screening failed. The film festival ignored a warning from Phillips' attorney, Lisa Bloom, not to show the movie.

Lisa Bloom told INSIDE EDITION in a statement:

"Charles Phillips reconciled with his wife and high school sweetheart three years ago, and has moved on with his life. Their motto: Live. Give. Forgive."

Some who watched the 90 minute documentary say it's also time for Wilkins to move on.