Heidi Montag: Addicted to Plastic Surgery?

Reality star Heidi Montag appeared on the cover of the latest issue of People magazine after undergoing ten plastic surgery procedures in one day! Is she addicted to plastic surgery? INSIDE EDITION has the story

Heidi Montag is barely recognizable after a jaw-dropping ten plastic surgery procedures all in one day! The 23-year-old reality star has been transformed.

Montag, who famously melted down on last year's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! had a brow lift, a nose job, a chin reduction, neck liposuction, fat injections in her cheeks, nose and lips, and also had her ears pinned back.

She got new breast implants, buttocks implants, and liposuction on her waist, hips and inner thighs. It was a full head-to-toe makeover.

Montag is revealing her look in the new People magazine with the headline "Addicted to Plastic Surgery."

"Her ultimate dream is to be a pop star. She says, 'Look it's a superficial industry, I have to have the right look, I have to have sex appeal, this is what it takes,' " People's Galina Espinoza tells INSIDE EDITION.

Montag says she spent three years planning her total body makeover after getting tired of people making fun of her "Jay Leno chin" and "Dumbo ears."  

But despite the negative reaction, Montag plans on having even more plastic surgery. "I'm just starting," she said, adding that she wants even bigger breasts. Right now they are triple Ds.

For People's story on Heidi Montag, visit: People.com.