Controversial Referee Call Outrages NFL Fans

A controversial game-ending call in a game between Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks is causing uproar around the country. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on what some say is the worst call ever.

Referee rage is sweeping the nation after a last second Hail-Mary pass ended in a controversial touchdown call.

The end of the game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks shocked millions watching ESPN’s Monday Night Football, and NFL headquarters in New York is being deluged by outraged fans. Keep in mind that the refs who made the call are replacements, while the real refs are on lock out in a labor dispute with the NFL.

On The Talk, Aisha Tyler said, "It feels unfair, it looks unfair. It is unfair."

Even Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan weighed in on the campaign trail. Ryan said, "Give me a break."

The play everyone is talking about happened when the Seahawks were trailing the Packers by 5. With time running out, the Seahawks quarterback hurled a pass into the endzone. It looked like an interception. Green Bay caught the ball, not Seattle. Confusion ensued as one ref signaled a touchdown, while the other ref simultaneously said no way.

Seattle fans celebrated when the call was upheld on instant replay.

On Live with Kelly and Michael, Michael Strahan said, "It's like your dad saying "Yes," and your mom going, "No."

Twitter exploded with over 350,000 tweets in just a few minutes. Many outraged fans also took to YouTube.

Joe Benigno of New York’s WFAN radio didn't hold back his opinion either.

Benigno told INSIDE EDITION, "It was a disgrace, it was a terrible call. Clearly it was an interception by the Packers, there is no doubt about it." 

INSIDE EDITION is learning that some replacement refs used work with the Lingerie Football League but were actually fired for quote "incompetent officiating.” The replacement refs involved in the controversial touchdown are being linked to the Lingerie League. But the abuse against them is building.

INSIDE EDITION learned about the head referee now drawing most of the abuse. He's Wayne Elliott from Austin, Texas, and his full-time job is selling real estate.  

“If you care for your life...stay out of Green Bay,” threatened one fan.

Elliott posted this response saying, “We do the best we can...if you don’t like [the] way the games are done then you come out and do a better job.”