Do-It-Yourself Home Remedies

INSIDE EDITION looks into some home remedies that some say can cure common ailments with everyday household items.

Have a headache? Try putting a pencil between your teeth.

Have bad breath? Eat some yogurt.

Roberta Caploe, Executive Director of Prevention Magazine says, "There are cures to so many everyday problems and ailments that you can find right in your kitchen cabinet."

Prevention Magazine researched surprising home cures that actually work.

"Yogurt actually is a really good way to stop bad breath because the live bacteria in the yogurt actually has a mechanism that kills the bad odor-causing bacteria," said Capole.

And that pencil really will get rid of a headache.

"It will stop you from clamping down your jaw, and therefore you are relaxed and you won't get a headache," said Capole.

For whiter teeth, try munching on an apple.

"Crunchy fruits and vegetables are actually like natures little tooth brushes. Apples in particular have a very gentle acid called Malic, that is good at removing simple stains from teeth," said Capole.

To give your skin a healthy glow, skip the pricey beauty treatment and grab your blender.

"You take two tablespoons of papaya, you put it in a food processor, and then you mix it up with one tablespoon of dry oatmeal. You make a paste, you put it on your face for 10 minutes just like a little face mask and then wipe it off and you have beautiful skin," said Capole.

They have even uncovered a crazy cure for smelly feet—pour Vodka on them.

And here's a nice way to end the day, with a tennis ball. That's right, a tennis ball. After a long day in high heels, a tennis ball is a great way to massage tired feet.