Lindsay Lohan's Hotel Trouble

The drama continues around Linsday Lohan, who pulled the fire alarm in a luxury New York hotel during a incident with a man at 5 a.m. that she had invited up to her room. INSIDE EDITION reports from the hotel.

She's done it again! Lindsay Lohan literally set off early-morning alarm bells at a fancy Manhattan hotel after claiming she was being attacked.

Lohan triggered the alarm at 5 in the morning after getting into a dispute with a guy she had invited back to her room after having just met him at the nightclub, 1 Oak. The guy was identified as 25-year-old Christian LaBella, and get this—he works as a congressional aide.

As they partied in a room, Lohan accused the young man of secretly taking photos on his cell phone. Cops say when she grabbed the phone, all hell broke loose.

Lohan reportedly ran from the hotel room into a stairwell with the man chasing after her. Lohan claims that he started choking her as they struggled over his phone. That's when Lohan says she pulled the hotel fire alarm. Remember—it was 5 o'clock in the morning. Hundreds of people were disrupted as the fire alarm rang out and concern quickly spread through the luxury hotel that there was an actual fire.

The elevators at the hotel shut down automatically because of the fire alarm. Lohan told cops she wanted the man prosecuted. The man denied Lohan's allegations and after investigating authorities decided there wasn't enough evidence and the man was released.

LaBella posted several celeb photos on his Facebook page, including him posing with Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner. Another picture shows him with Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

LaBella reportedly told cops: "They thought I took pictures, but I didn't."
A spokesman for Lohan told the New York Post, "Lindsay was clearly assaulted, and I think there needs to be a consequence for that." 

But with this latest incident, everyone is wondering: when will the nonsense stop?