Bristol Palin Goes 'Redneck' On Dancing With The Stars

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Bristol Palin backstage at Dancing With the Stars who revealed her obsession with TV's most famous redneck, Honey Boo Boo.

You better redneckonize Bristol Palin. She was looking like a sassy cowgirl, dancing on the bar in a wild west honky tonk and, it was all in front of her parents sitting in the front row.

Palin danced to the country classic "Redneck Woman," wearing sparkly hot pants and cute cowboy boots as she did the Quickstep.

"It was like watching the Quickstep go Gangnam Style in the wild wild west," said judge Bruno.

Backstage, Bristol revealed her secret obsession with TV's most famous redneck, Honey Boo Boo.

"I'm a big fan. More power to her for having a successful show," said Palin.
And everyone is talking about Palin's amazing transformation from flab to fab.

"I've just been a lot more active than I was before. I do cardio every day, just eating better and not drinking soda," said Palin.

Kirstie Alley performed her sexiest dance yet.

"Flirty, dirty Kirstie, you played it beautiful you raunchy mama," said Bruno.