One Year After Baby Lisa's Disappearance

A year after baby Lisa Irwin was allegedly taken from her crib and disappeared without a trace, her family continues to search for her. INSIDE EDITION spoke with the baby's family and lawyers.

The mother of missing baby Lisa Irwin choked up with emotion as she marked the first anniversary of her daughter's mysterious disappearance.

During a vigil at the family home in Kansas City, Deborah Bradley struggled to read a poem sent to her by a well-wisher. She also fought back tears as her sister said a prayer.

Tears ran down the cheeks of Lisa’s big brother. Bradley and the missing girl's father, Jeremy Irwin, spoke briefly to reporters.

"We had a really good turn out. It means a lot to us," said Jeremy.

"We will not give up until she comes home," said Deborah.

Baby Lisa was almost a year old when her disappearance exploded into the national headlines. Her parents told police she had been taken from her crib during the night by an intruder. But suspicion fell on the mom and dad, particularly when the mom admitted she had been drinking that night. The parents repeatedly denied any involvement.

Last year, on Good Morning America, Robin Roberts asked the mother, "Did you have anything to do with your daughter's disappearance?"

"Absolutely not," said Deborah.

Exactly one year later, there is still not the slightest trace of the missing girl.

Her parents continue to buy clothes and toys for her as if she were still safe and sound at home. They've collected a selection of Barbie dolls.

Exclusive photos that were taken in Lisa’s bedroom were given to INSIDE EDITION by a family representative. Her room remains frozen in time from when Lisa disappeared.

Former New York City police officer Bill Stanton was called in to help in the search. He told INSIDE EDITION there is still a $100,000 reward.     

"This case has been a mystery wrapped in a riddle. There are leads coming in all the time. Unfortunately, most of them end up in a dead end,” said Stanton.

Just like a year ago, authorities say the mother is still refusing to speak with them one-on-one.

"Police continue to have questions to which only she can provide answers," cops said in a new statement.

Their laywer, John Picerno, insists the parents are helping police.

"Deborah and Jeremy are contacting them without attorneys and talking freely with them, and providing them with any and all leads that they have," said their lawyer.

And although baby Lisa’s whereabouts still remain unknown, she's still in the hearts of everyone, one-year later.