New Book Describes the Days After Michael Jackson's Death

When The King of Pop died, his body was placed on ice for months. At the time it was supposedly for a police investigation. Now, shocking allegations are proving otherwise. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Michael Jackson's body laid on ice for more than two months, and now we may know why.

Jackson died in June 2009, but was not buried until September. At the time, there were reports that the delay was due to the police investigation. But a new book says it was Janet Jackson who was to blame.  The book is Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson.

It says that his sister, Janet, is described as, "frugal, even stingy." She had paid a $40,000 deposit for the funeral plot at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, and refused to let Michael's burial go ahead until his estate reimbursed her.

The book, being excerpted in the new Vanity Fair, also claimed that Michael's family combed his mansion looking for secret stashes of cash in the immediate hours after he died.

Michael reportedly kept hoards of money in black garbage bags hidden around his house. The book says within hours of Michael's death, sister La Toya and her boyfriend showed up at the house and demanded to be let in.

There is even a video of a moving van leaving Michael's house. According to the book, it was loaded with black garbage bags, presumably filled with cash.