Former Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Leaves Ex-Husbands Family 'Devastated'

The in-laws of the former Bengals cheerleader who was caught in a cheating scandal, say they loved her like she was their own daughter, and can’t believe the turn of events that has ripped their family apart. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the in-laws.

Sarah Jones is the notorious Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader and high school teacher who had an affair with one of her students.

When Sarah Jones left court last week, holding hands with the teenager, her former in-laws couldn't believe their eyes.

Diane and Fred Wilburn said 27-year-old Jones was like a daughter to them. Their whole family loved her and believed in her innocence when she was arrested last March.

"I was so hurt. I don't know how else to say it. I was just very very hurt and I feel betrayed," said Diane.

"There was never a doubt in my mind that Sarah did not do this. The only way I would believe Sarah is if Sarah pleaded guilty," said Fred.

But Jones did plead guilty, and was sentenced to five-years probation.

Her affair with the schoolboy began just weeks before she got married to Nathan Wilburn in 2011.

During an exclusive interview, INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Nathan, "Do you think she should be in jail right now?"

He responded "Yes I do. She should be in jail. She's a sexual predator in my opinion."

The marriage collapsed after just six-weeks, leaving Nathan and his family devastated.   

"Did she at least give you back the engagement ring?" Boyd asked.

"No, she kept it," said Nathan.

"She hasn't given it back yet?" Boyd asked.

He replied, "She won't give it back."

"After all she put you through?" Boyd asked.

"She told me I'm never getting it back," said Nathan.

It was a diamond ring Nathan bought for her and slipped on her finger when he proposed at Disneyland. It cost $11,000 and Nathan is still paying for it.

"There was no marriage! Six weeks is not a marriage!" said Diane.

"Do you think she should give the ring back?" Boyd asked.

"Why does she want it? That's the question. Just because it was a nice diamond? Let her next victim give her a nice diamond," said Diane.