Mitt Romney's Son Wants To Make a Swing Vote

One of Mitt Romney's sons, Tagg, said he wanted to take a swing at President Obama during the last presidential debate. Meanwhile, Ann Romney takes Mitt's place at an appearance on The View. INSIDE EDITION has the latest details.

Mitt Romney's eldest son is taking heat because he says he actually wanted to take a swing at President Obama.

Tagg Romney told a radio show:

"What is it like for you to hear the President of the United States call your dad a liar?" asked the radio host.

"Well, jump out of your seat and you want to take a swing at him, but you know you can't do that because, well, first because there's a lot of Secret Service between you and him. Also, because this is the nature of the process," said Tagg.

Tagg's younger brother, Josh, laughed the whole thing off on The View Thursday.

"That brother has slugged me a couple of times and I assure you, President Obama has nothing to worry about. I think that was something he was saying off the cuff and I assure you he didn't mean it," said Josh.

Josh sat in the audience as his mom, Ann, sat on stage. Mitt was supposed to be with her, but he cancelled, citing a scheduling conflict.

Barbara Walters said to Ann, "At one point, when he didn't think he was being heard, he said that he was not sure that he wanted to come on with us because we're high-risk and sharp-tounged."

Ann replied, "No. He said sharp and young."

Ann's appearance comes as the battle for the White House is now moving to Primetime TV. 

The first look at the season premiere of  Tim Allen's Last Man Standing on ABC shows Allen's character supporting Romney. His 18-year-old daughter likes President Obama.

Allen's character said, "Boy, some big dog dumped something on our front lawn."

His daughter's character replies, "Oh, you mean somebody put a sign with the name of our president on our lawn?"

Allen's character later says,"We need somebody in the White House who's tough and who can make tough decisions."

"You know who's tough? That guy who killed Bin Laden," says his daughter's character.

The show airs just four days before the election. The dialogue is definitely sharp.

Allen's character says, "So you'd vote for a guy from Kenya."

His daughter's character replies, "You've got it mixed up. Obama was not born overseas. Overseas is where Romney likes to hide his money."

Last Man Standing is creating major buzz because a sitcom rarely ventures into politics.
Huffpost Live host and producer Mike Sacks told INSIDE EDITION, "It's become rare for sitcoms in Primetime to be politically engaged. This a long tradition where there has been poltically engaged sitcoms, with All In The Family in the 70's, but really, it's gone the way of the dinosaur in the last 10 or so years."

Meanwhile, Romney is still taking heat for the binder remark he made during Tuesday night's debate, where he said he found binders full of women.

Of course, the late night comics got right to work. Jimmy Kimmel said on his show, "His policy toward women is clear—we have to alphabetize them."

Jon Stewart said on his show, "Binder of women, book of broads, notebook of nipples, whatever."