Police Arrest The So-Called "Neighbor From Hell"

INSIDE EDITION has the story of the so called neighbor from hell that allegedly vandalized and terrorized his neighbor’s property until he was arrested. He denies the allegations.

Landscaper Mitchell Igelko is being called, "The neighbor from hell." He has allegedly thrown eggs at cars and even sprayed chemicals on his neighbors' lawns from a van, turning their grass into straw overnight.

He was arrested for stalking and criminal mischief with possibly more charges to come, cops say. Investigators have taken soil samples to find out what was sprayed on the grass.

His neighbors in an affluent Miami suburb said they put up surveillance cameras because of what they called "A reign of terror." 

Cameras caught an unidentified man throwing a rock into a car window and thugs, allegedly hired by Igelko, sprayed gasoline on parked cars. Nails were tossed onto driveways and a fire broke out on a neighbor's boat parked in the driveway.

Igelko owns a landscaping business and the feud reportedly started after his neighbors used a rival's landscaping company.

Igelko's attorney claimed he's been the victim of vandals too.

"To suggest he would vandalize his own home, burn his own grass, throw eggs at his own car is absolutely preposterous,” said his lawyer.